Personal projects or work left on the cutting room floor.

My submission for Duke and the Duck's Frames of Fear. Each artist animated a fear of theirs... like the uncomfortable feeling I get around large bodies of still, dark water.

Music by Doyle Maurer

I've been doodling these type of designs in my notebooks since high school-- they were begging to be brought to life. 

Background music by


Predator becomes prey... becomes predator.

Background ditty by Peter Kerr:

Don't know what this thing is, but I had fun making it. Spinoff of some graphics in my 9 squares graphic last month:

For what it's worth, I don't even like peaches.

Small dolly of current scene texturing progress.

Some fun with line art and smear frames.  

Background music by Doyle Maurer


Breakdown for my compositing and VFX work on Victory and Splendor.

Check out the full video here:



Textured object turntables of some props from a postponed animated short.